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Lumirror Polyester Film

Toray "Lumirror" polyester film, is made from polyethylene terephthalate which has the following molecular structure:

This polymer is formed by the polycondensation reaction of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. "Lumirror" is made by extruding the polymer in a melted state into a sheet form, stectching it in the machine and transverse directions, and then subjucting it to a heat setting treatment.

USE OF "Lumirror

"Lumirror" has many applications as exemplified below:

(1) High-voltage electric equipment

  • Insulators of motors
  • Insulators of transformers
  • Insulators of coils

(2) Cables

  • Wrapping of communication cables and wires
  • Wrapping of power cables for shielding and protection

(3) Printed circuits

  • Base plates of flexible, printed circuits, tapes and cables.

(4) Electrical Lamination

  • Lamination of micas, nonwoven fabrics, glass fabrics, polyethylene, aluminum foils, metallized materials, etc.
  • Adhesive tapes for electrical insulation.

Mechanical Properties

"Lumirror" has high tensile strength along with proper elongation and good edge-tearing resistance making it suitable for use in electrical insulation. Its mechanical properties as well as other properties are well balanced both in the machine and transverse directions.

Electrical Properties

In addition to the inherent hight insulation quality of polyester films, "Lumirror" has the excellent dielectric strenght of 8,000 volts for 1 mil film (20C, 68F, 60Hz/sec., ASTM D-149-64), without virtually any insulating defects.

Withstands Heat and Cold

The melting point of "Lumirror" is 262-263C (504-506F). Its applicable temperature range is from -70C to 150C (from-95F to 302F), and it can withstand the temperature as high as 180C (355F) for a relativelly short time, It does not contain any plasticizer that very often degrades other films to an oozy state, therefore it maintains its electrical insulating property for long. It will remain flexible under a wide range of climatic conditions.

Dimensional Stability

"Lumirror" shows a relatively low thermo-shrinkage rate and good dimensional stability against moisture.

Resistant to Chemicals "Lumirror" will not be affected by any kind of oil and most of chemicals and solvents. It can well withstand, therefore, the vanish impregnating and curing process of motors, transformers, etc. However, it is not so resistant to alkali or hydrolysis at temperature because of polyester film's inherent characteristics.