Motor - Noise Elimination - Insulation
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Syndyn Phenolic Resins Laminates

SD-100H XP PL-PEM-P For electrical & mechanical application, punched material for use in radio, stereo phonographs, etc.
SD-200H XXP PL-PEM-P Good insulation resistance grade for use in switches, telecommunications apparatus, television, etc.
SD-300H XXXP PL-PES-P Highest insulation resistance and low dielectric loss under severe humidity conditions, for use in electronic insulators, telecommunications apparatus and electric meters.
SD-100C XPC PL-PEM-P Similar to SD-100H, but for cold punching.
SD-102C XPC PL-PEM-P Similar to SD-100H, but for cold punching.
SD-168C XPC PL-PEM-P Similar to SD-100H, but for cold punching.
SD-300C XXXPC PL-PES-P Similar to SD-300H, but for cold punching.
SD-1000 X PL-PM For mechanical applications, for use in switchboards, electric purpose, etc.
SD-2000 XX PL-PEM Suitable for general electric applications, good machining characteristics, for use in breakers, controllers in heavy electric industry, etc.
SDF-600C FR-2 PL-PES-PF Highest insulation, flame resistance and humidity resistance, for use in television, etc.
SDF-668C FR-2 PL-PES-PF Similar to SDF-600C, but better in mechanical property.
SDL-4050 L PL-FLI Good insulation, good mechanical strength, for use in small gears and machinery parts.
SDL-4055 LE PL-FLE Similar to SDL-4050, but better in electrical property.
SDC-5050 C PL-FCM A grade designed for toughness and high impact strength, for use in gears, bearing retainers, etc.
SDC-5055 CE PL-FCE Similar to SDC-5050, but better in electrical property.