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"Tesa" Insulation Tape

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Beiersdorf AG is a leading international customer-and competition-oriented enterprise that produces and sells high quality branded products in three core-competence fields: cosmetic and personal care, dermatological and wound care, and adhesive tapes.

The origin of Beiersdorf AG dates to 1882 when pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf applied for a patent for adhesives dressings containing medicinal substances, an original type of plaster which he created. The patent granted that year marked the establishment of Beiersdorf as a commercial enterprise and the beginning of its long history of developing useful products recognized for their innovativeness, high quality and reliability.

Today, we make products in 665 countries and market them in more than 100, including 12 countries in Asia. Our 17,000 employees work in 63 worldwide affiliates, which account for an annual turnover in excess of US$4 billion. Beiersdorf AG operates 3 divisions, which emphasise the development of high quality branded products.

Nivea has become the world's largest selling toiletries brand and the cosmed division's other products include the Labello lip balm range and Atrixo hand and body care products.

The adhesive tape division markets its products under the Tesa brand name. Adhesive tapes are used in industries as diverse as paper making and food processing, from incredibly complex technical tapes for use in the electronics and automotive industry to carton sealing tapes.

All these products ensure that Tesa continues to be Europe's No.1 adhesive tape manufacturer.

Utilising the latest adhesive technologies, Tesa offers problem-solving products for many industrial and consumer applications, including fastening, masking, packaging, cabling and insulation.

Tesa 50503 & 50501 *Flame Retardent Polyester
Product Description/Application:
Tesa 50503 & 50501 * Flame Retardent consists of a polyester film with an age-resistant acrylic adhesive. This tape offers excellent adhesion and electrical insulation properties. Tesa 50503 is UL conformed.

  • Core and interlayer insulation
  • Final bandage of coils
  • Taping-off in multiple coil winding
  • Final bandage in small motors with central coils
  • Strain relief for lead-ins
  • Phase insulation; Transformers.
  • Dielectric Breakdown 5kV B130C