High Temperature-resistant materials  
"Toray" PPS Film 200C

"Torelina" (biaxially-oriented PPS Film) is a new High performance engineering plastic film developed by Toray Industries, Inc. As Far back as 1972, Toray recognized the outstanding properties of PPS, such as nonflammability, high resistance to heat and chemicals, and superb electrical properties. Subsequently, Toray succeeded in the invention of a new high-performance PPS film and applied for the basic patents for this film. Many patents have been filed, with the basic patents already having been obtained in major countries throughout the world.

High Dielectric Strenght (Six time higher than Aramid paper)
Great Thermal Resistance (Melting Point at 285 C)
Not affected by humidity (Comparing with the Polyimide film or the Aramid paper.)
Also have a UL-94V0 approved

Feature of "Torelina" PPS film:

1. Electrical properties-250kV/mm
2. Nonflammability-UL-94V0
3. Resistant to high and low temperatures-short-term 230~260C
4. Moisture absorption and hydrolysis resistance
5. Chemical resistance
6. Radiation resistance
7. Manufacturing process and crystallinity
8. Mechanical properties and thickness


  • Microwave oven-ready food packing, etc.
  • Hair Dryer, or others heating home appliance.
  • Capacitors (SMT, high-temperature, high-reliability)
  • Variable capacitors
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Boards, Keyboard membranes
  • Motor Insulation/Flat Motor
  • Transformer Insulation
  • Wire Wrapping Industrial Tapes,
  • Interior coverage materials
  • Acoustic Membranes, Diaphragms