Insulation Paper
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Pressboard Paper
  • proven insulating material with a cellulose base
  • high dielectric strength
    no melting point
  • extremely good impregnating capacity
  • problem-free subsequent processing
    available in reel or sheet form
KREMPEL pressboard is a proven insulating material with a cellulose base used for insulation class A (105C). Its structure and material properties are defined in DIN 7733 and IEC 641.

Pressboard is a paper-like product consisting of pure cellulose fibres. Contrary to what its name suggests, pressboard is not manufactured in a pressing process with the help of bonding agents but is instead made into insulating paper of the maximum purity in a layer-forming process. We use specially developed paper or board machines to manufacture thin pressboards as "presspaper reels" or thick pressboards as "pressboard sheets". We also producde pressboard in corrugated form - co-called "corrugated board" - for specific applications.

In addition to the high dielectric strenght, another particular feature is the fact that pressboard has no melting point and is able to withstand severe short duration thermal stresses - e.g. a few seconds at 350C - without any significant deterioration in its properties. KREMPEL pressboard is therefore used up to approx. 190C in appropriate cases in machines which operate for short periods instead of films or plastic papers. Another special feature of pressboard is its extremely good impregnating capacity with transformer oil (ideal dielectric mix of oil-cellulose). After drying, KREMPEL pressboard can be full impregnated with insulating oil as the cellulose fibre capilaries create a high pore volume. Our pressboard can be cut, stamped out, folded and partially shaped. This means no problems with subsequent processing.

Flexible multi-layer insulation materials:

For all insulation classes.

Progress in electrical engineering demands insulating materials with optimum mechanical, electrical and chemical properties for increasingly higher insulation classes. KREMPEL meets this requirement with its flexible multi-layer insulation materials. The composition and material properties of flexible multi-layer insulation materials - also called laminated sheets - are set out in KIN 7739, VDE 0316, DIN EN 60626 or IEC 626.