Insulation Paper
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"HOKUETSU" Vulcanized Fibre

The Vulcanized fibre is made by soaking the original sheets of wood fibre or cotton in a zinc chloride solution. The sheets are then rinsed in water to remove the zinc chloride solution, and then dried and pressed into the finished product. The original fibre is thus transformed into an industrial use material which is chemically neutral and strong, while at the same time delicate.

Main products

H fibre (UL-94HB)
This fibre uses original wood fibre sheets as its raw material. The available colors are red, white, gray, and black. It is a commonplace material which can be used widely for electrical appliances, boxes, sporting equipment, and fibre crafts.


SB(heat-proof fibre)(UL-94HB)
This fibre has significant mechanical strength and is heatproof, thus is used for insulation parts, abrasion disks, various kinds of boxes, and a variety of furniture.

Flame retardant fibre (FR-781)
This fibre is a UL94-VO approved product which contains a special resin. It is available in red and gray.